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G A L E N   G A R W O O D


I began working on series of photographs in 2012 at the beginning of the monsoon season; the source of the images was a small river running in front of my home in Northern Thailand. After selecting a number of the photographs, I placed them side by side, and while pondering the various transforming expressions of the river, lines from a poem began to surface:

This wind lets go of everything it touches. / I long to hold the wind / I’d kiss a fish / and love a stone / and marry the winter rain / if I could persuade this battered earth / to let me make it home.

The poem, rising in my mind like shimmering water, was first told to me in the early 1980s. “A Lover’s Quarrel,” by Sam Hamill, remains indelibly imprinted within me, a hymn of communication to and from the earth.”

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